Drawing Machines


drawing machines



- EUROPEAN - USA Designs, Quality Controls, Service, Warranty and Safety Standards
- HEAVY DUTY, special attention is paid to solid machine construction and mounting of motors
   and running gear to reduce any chance of vibration 
- OTO Block with VFN, Viscous Fluid Non-Wearing De-winding arm, maintenance free operation 
- High Quality Blocks, FORGED ALLOY hardened steel blocks treated with a special system to
   reduce coefficient of friction
- Blocks are  polished to mirror finish for smooth wire climbing, hardness of 60 HRC (+/- 2)
- Greatly extended block life, will last longer and can easily be reground with any treatment
- Very EFFICIENT COOLING BLOCK SYSTEM, fast water cooling exchange, internal self-clean
   system, chrome plate on the inside to prevent corrosion
- Easy access to the drawing area for operations and maintenance purposes 
- High QUALITY components:       SIEMENS Plc and Drives
                                                            SIEMENS 1PH8 ServoMotors  
                                                            NORD Gearbox
                                                            SKF Bearings ...
- Service, Commissioning and Guarantee from BARCELONA, EUROPE..
- HEAVY, SIMPLE, EASY... with the best PRICE-QUALITY relationship